Monday, February 11, 2008

Elder Laj jutz' kar in the Polochick Valley

So, yeah, I actually did move.......kinda far away.....

Remember that place I told you about way back when? That Polochick Valley where if you go there you stay there your whole mission and get to learn indiginous Mayan and have to teach in it?

Yeah, I kinda got sent there. And so I stop learning spanish. and now I have to start learning kekchi. Its kinda of a hard language to learn...
So pretty much the study aids that I have to learn this thing are a grammer book, a dictionary, and the scriptures. and my comp who is actually a really good guy.

so, yeah, I will be in the same zone for the rest of my mission. and it reallyy is pretty beautiful out here. The people are really awesome and humble.But now, once again I have absolutely no Idea what anyone is saying. Its kinda hard. pray for me.

so what does the valley look like? well, throw in The Other Side of Heaven, take away the beach and sand, and put in mountains instead. and there you have it. I literaly will walk through the jungle every day of my mission. So yeah, it gets kinda humid around here. I have forgotten what it feels like to be dry. I havent stopped sweating since I got here. Its really kind of cool.'eqchi'_language

So yea, dont worry about where Im living, we have actually a really nice apartment that has a kitchen and hot water and everything to shower with. sIts actually the greatest place to be in the whole mission. It is the one place in the mission that everyone speaks of with envy in their eyes.

ok, new address

Mission Guatemala ciuduad Norte
Elder Dallin Trout
Apartado Postal # 951A
Guatemala, Guatemala, CA

So yea, I even get a new name when I get here. And a new name tag in kekchi. but more about the new name. People here cant pronounce english names at all, so to make it easier, the people will pick new names for the elders, and we introduce ourselves by these names. my new name is Laj jutz´ kar. it literaly means Mr Pointy Fish. dont ask. so, when we contact people, we dont say yo soy elder... we say lain Laj jutz´ kar. kinda of funny really... the idea with the new name is to make the people laugh. I dont know why we just do.

I apologize cuz I doubt that I will be able to email everyone back because the computers that we use to email are horrible (but im grateful that they exist!!!)

So yeah, in this one week I have done alot of really cool awesome things. and have eaten some really strange things too. and Im learning to cook.

yeah, got to see the funeral live. and in enlgish. really cool time.

-Elder Laj jutz` kar

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