Thursday, February 2, 2012


Rick was released on Sunday and it has been fascinating to listen to what people have to say. We really don't have any words which adequately express our feelings when someone is released in our church. Most people say, "Congratulations!" My daughter asked, "Why are people congratulating dad? Is it because he made it out alive?"

also say congratulations to the new bishop, which I find humorous because it's not like he applied for the job and won! And many people have expressed their thanks in words. We found this sweet note with a box of See's Candy on our porch:

Personally, it has been hard for me to put all the feelings I have into words and I am fairly certain others are struggling with the same challenge. I thought I could write about it in this blog post, but the words in my brain and in my heart are not making it on the page. The best word I have is gratitude. I am truly grateful for those who have looked past our shortcomings, loved us for who we are and watched over us with such love and devotion. I am grateful for a husband who finished what he was asked to do, for children who understood the importance of what their dad had been asked to do and for blessings too numerous to list. Thank you - two simple words said with more emotion than could ever be written with words on a page.

P.S. Sometimes food is a great substitute for words :-)

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